Wednesday, January 05, 2005

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Back with a really interesting site, using which not only you can help the tsunami victims, but also can help MANY countries in many other ways, including Pakistan,India, Bangladesh etc.DO VISIT IT, im everyone who wants to really do something for the humanity will like this site:

Here's a message i'd recieved from them:

The world's most powerful earthquake in 40 years triggered massive tidal waves that slammed into villages and coastal lines across southern and Southeast Asia.
More than 135,000 people are known to have died after a massive underwater earthquake sent giant waves crashing into coastlines across southern Asia, mostly in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, & Myanmar.
This devastating earthquake left behind tens of thousands people injured. Millions are homeless in need of food, clean water, medicines, tents and other life saving items.
This time every single person of the world is contributing either through donation or prayers to those needy people. Right now we are not looking the cast, race, religion or tradition; we are working only for humanity. Today we all unite on humanity basis.
Last Saturday, I was thinking about to send Qurbani (Zabiha) meat to those places and also watching TV about the program helping those people through different nation, organizations and so on. I saw a very good and heart touching work in Sri Lanka. One of the Bear (Liquor) company has stopped their production and all the workers make a mind to do one good thing for helping those needy people. They are filling every single bottle only with drinking water and donating those areas free. So think that what we can do best also like that people.
As a Muslim can we send Qubani (Zabiha) meat to them and Allah will give reward us. We eat meat every day and to do Qubani and distribute among our families and friends. Can we donate and distribute these Qurbani (Zabiha) meats among those needy and helpless people and get 2 rewards from Allah. One is Qurbani and the 2nd to send to the neediest people who are waiting for our help.
Please help these people this time, send checks or pay through Credit card for them. Go and visit web site and find your best and get also receipt for your own satisfaction.
Indonesia is the worst disaster place right now. I have talked and confirmed all, to the organization. They already had added Indonesia and Sri Lanka this year because of this Natural disaster. For one goat/lamb it is $95 for Indonesia and $75 in Sri Lanka. Rest of the countries you can find through web site.
If you have any question to satisfy yourself:
1- Visit website:
2- emai, mailing address and telephones:
ICNA Relief Global Zabiha Program
89th Avenue
Jamica, NY 11432
Tel: 718-658-7028

ICNA Relief Global Zabiha Program
12346 McDougall Avenue
Detroit, MI 48212
Tel: 313-366-6800

For Canada:
ICNA Relief Global Zabiha Program
391 Burnhamthrope Road
ON L6H 7B4
My understanding (iman) is; if you are rich and living among rich community, you can help and hide your good deeds from others, but if you are not rich and want to help others so expand your good deeds amongst your families, friends and community so your good work can expand and will help in fruitful manners. Please help those people from your Qurbani (Zabiha) meat this year not only for your satisfaction but also for Allah.
Thank you
Brother Jawaid

The Pakistanis, and others as well, can also donate by just deposting money in STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN, and it's treasuries, ALLIED BANK OF PAKISTAN, MUSLIM COMMERCIAL BANK, HABIB BANK LIMITED, UNITED BANK LIMITED and NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTAN and their treasuries, in the name of PRESIDENT RELIEF FUND. It will all be transfered to the tsunami hit countries through the govt.itself. So wherever you are, you can simply deposit your donations this way.


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