Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Last Saturday, I had a meeting regarding the project PHP. Well for that purpose I had to pick my cousin as well who was at the coaching at that time, and I was returning from the university with a friend in her car. Since we did not know exactly where the coaching center was, we decided to park the car in front of KFC and ask someone to show us the way. Unfortunately no one seemed to know the place and we got out of the car to search the center on foot, as we knew it was supposed to be somewhere nearby. We crossed the road to look for it and there some one gave us the directions. We came back to the car and while we were settling back into it, two school boys( not so young school boys) started to pass comments on my friend who was driving, asking her for a lift and stuff(by the way I hadn’t noticed any of it happening until the next event took place). My friend suddenly got out of the car and started to run, I was amazed and tried to see where she was heading to and found that one of those guys was running ahead of her and the other was standing there laughing. I understood much of the reason behind her sudden reaction. She shouted at him and since he was out of her reach told his friend to tell the other guy to go home and treat his own sister like that instead of treating others’ sisters in that manner. Throughout the whole scene I did nothing but laugh (not even try to stop my friend as in her place I would have not given up before at least having slapped the guy, but unfortunate for me, I rarely notice such things unless some one brings them to my notice)
After so many days it was a day when I finally came out of my depression of I donno how long.
Earlier, the same day we had had the CRAZY DAY of final year at our university. Now imagine the students who are going to be full fledged doctors by march next yr in parrot green wigs, colorful horns over their heads, guys in sarees, faces painted, almost all of them wearing clothes inside out, running here and there and shouting at the top of their voices like mad (well it was the crazy day after all), wearing different colored socks and shoes, and God knows what. We couldn’t even study in that environment and came out of our classes to watch them all. And to add to that a T.V personality and M.N.A came to the university same day for some reasons and the scene in front of him astonished him so much that it was hilarious enough only to see his face.
To add to that still, our batch was having a protest as none of us want the new Dow University degree, we all want the Karachi University degree and we were having a protest along with a press conference and I had been called from home just for the purpose(am I some sort of “bhai” over here, I’d asked them, but never got an answer except that I was needed to speak up. Well I didn’t do any such thing because I thought it was the wrong time of raising our voices, it’s too late, but next year we could have done better, after giving the University administration time to fulfill their promises and taking action after that. In the end I was proved right, and the University did ask time to fulfill our demands. Useless waste of precious time, I thought. But all the same it had been fun.
What a day it had been, we had to attend that meeting as well at the end of the day.
But come to think of it, all of my days since the last two weeks have been even more hectic than this along with my tests going on and only one and a half months to go before the final profs., I think I’m going insane. No doubt I had been so depressed all of these days and had Saturday not been such a fulfilled day, I might have landed in a pschychiatry ward myself with, if nothing more, then at least with asthymia(please don’t ask what it is! I’ve been telling enough people about it). Anyway, I think I have at least a few things less at hand now and so I’ll be able to deal with the others better now. InshAllah.


Blogger Akruti said...

Hmm, u r right,i would have slapped the guy, and nice post abt whole lot of thoughts here:)

December 15, 2004 at 9:39 PM  

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