Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Everyday outside my university, I find several small children begging us all for one thing or the other. What I find most disconcerting in this, is the fact that these children have no sense of honor or self-respect. They stick to the students, doctors, and other passers by like vultures, pulling at their clothes and following them, no matter how badly they’re treated in return.
For me, this is a very serious problem ad I feel that it’s basically our fault, who, instead of guiding these poor, uneducated and unaware children, make their habits definite by either mistreating them or by giving them whatever they’re asking for and getting away thus, from an apparently embarrassing situation.
But look at it this way! If, instead of shaking them off again and again , or giving alms to them whenever they ask, until these children become habitual of it, and thereby, loose their pride, we try guiding them to the path of working and earning.
Now the question arises, how can we make sure that our preaching is having any effect or not? And above that, how can we teach them?
A friend of mine showed me the way out of this trouble. Believe me I do follow it and find, to my satisfaction that it does work. It goes this way:
Each time a beggar asks you for something, ask him/her to do some errand for you for eg;
1- Pick your bag for you, if you’re outside home.
2- Again if you’re outside home, the child can pick up the litter from the way and pop it in a dustbin(this will also improve cleanliness conditions)
3- Help some lady or old person cross the road
4- Clean your car
5- If you’re at home, then you can ask him/her to sweep the stairs for you
6- Help you in your garden
7- Or even clean the footpath in front of your house.
After having the work done, pay the child with money as well as shower him/her with compliments for a job well done.
Before letting him/her go ask the child if wasn’t a better way of earning, than beggary.
Spread the word amongst your relatives and friends, maybe you can make a difference by practically giving nothing more than you usually do.


Blogger khandu said...

phenomenal idea. certainly implementable if you find baggers near your house. Problem is I mostly find them on road amidst heavy traffic all around (bangalore!) but it's a great idea nevertheless.

December 14, 2004 at 6:23 PM  

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