Thursday, September 30, 2004


When i was in school, i read an ex-student's article about teenage, and i'd thought she must have gone mad! but now that i've once gone through that metamorphosis, i've realized, she was right it's not easy being a teenager!people who say it is, are those who are above twenty-five, either married, or otherwise, atleast settled in life!here are some of the excerpts from that article
people often tend to say,"after teenage you have to start thinking bout a carrer, settled life, marriage, teenage is the age, age for what!"
You are growing up spiritually and physically.And all of a sudden a variety of temptations from various avenues beckon you, knocking at your vulnerable door.You become uncertain.Unable to grasp the vagaries of life, you tend to pick up the trivialities___it's side growth____the habits, especially the offensive ones.You grow your ahir long, play loud music, learn to whistle, become aware of the opposite sex, try to attract them, can't, try to ignore them, can't.You hurt people without start to probe, to question.At times you even beg to differ.That is when you are cast as a rebel, a blasphemer, whne all the while you merely search for an answer, albiet in a crude manner.With your sights out of focus, and your ideals shattered, life becomes a foggy highway to nowhere.
Nine times out of ten, you retreat to your roots, and turn back to the trampled "right tracks".And for once even the adults are correct when they say, 'i told you it was a phase he/she was going through'
The tenage years are also marred heavily by education,a lthough once a person crosses thirty, his nostalgia is ripe with scholl memories.He hovers about teh time he bunked scholl, thrashed by a bully(or thrashing someelse beinga bully), and proudly dispalys a knee scar while playing for teh scholl team.
Perhaps, the memory of tenor of the skin peeling cane of teh principal is fresher thana silver strand of hair, and the pimples are more bearable than the Alzheimer's disease
Education is a part of mid-teenage turmoil, a quagmire in the mould of the mid-life crisis.There is the realization that dad is no money minter, and as popularly acclaimed, the world is not you oyster, rather a wolf which you must keep away from your door.
Incidentally throughout thsi larva stage, there is no one to be your guiding light.Your parenst can only clothe you, feed you and satisfy your material cravings.That is as far as they can go.Beyond that they cannot fine tume themselves to your frequensy.(possibly because they ahve gone through all thsi and they somehow think, that if they stop you right on time, you'll grow up without having to face the decision of moulding yourself into some1 you want to appear as in the future life, or maybe they can direct you into becoming someone, whcih according to thm is perfct, but doesn't suits you at all).SOo you take refuge with friends.A company ehere you are not judged, only understood.this perhaps explains the attraction of many towards their selectd pack of friends, even to the exclusion of their own family memebers.
A circle of like-minded, adolescent brains can cook up a nasty dish or two.There, ofcourse you have the added feature of being brought up in the twenty-first century.You are the "NOW" generation, bred on junk food, and voilence.Your brain is hyperactive, triggered off by an imagiantion that has fed on videogames, computers, music channels, mobiles and other hi-tech gadgets.You have witnessed the most publicized event fo the century,the war on terrorism,live via CNN and BBC.
In short you have seen everything.This is the twenty-first century where carreer advancement is the sole driving force and ulterior motive the onlyreason for a samaritan act.
For teenagers of the developing countries, who witness all the world luxuries but barely amnage to acquire even the basic necessities, life is tougher.Entertainment centres are few and mostly obsolete and there are few parks and agrdens, and group activities, no organised local teams or committees.With no outlet for fertile imagination, the devil takes holdand works overtime.The kids who hang out on every block like linen on a cloth can hardly be blamed for wasting their time.
Having said all thsi, teenage has its momnets.A string of first times that make these six years of life unerasable as if engraved with indelible ink.First crush, first love, first degree.....first shave.It is the initiation period, getting acquainted with a series of events you will see more of in the later years to come.
The fact that contrary to the popular belief life is not a movie, much less a beach, and more importantly, it has no sequel.There are personal disclosures too, like what is in fashion, and contact lenses look better on you than glasses.
my personal opinion to the above, is that whatever be the case, everyone has to go through this
stage, and should always rememeber the variety fo feelings and phases one had to go through,s o that when the time comes to direct a new generation through thsi phase, you are compatible to do so, and to be that frined who you teenage kid should seek for refuge instead of an outsider and become the sure prey of the devil!

why am i lazy???????????

well, since I’ve had to face quite a lot of sneering at my being lazy, I finally decided to exert myself and jot down these few reasons (read excuses) for my being lazy, so that I wont have to repeat it every now and then and can direct people to my blog to read about it and let me sleep in peace!

Now first of all, what the hell is the problem with people if I’m bent on breaking the record for frying an egg in exactly an hour, or sleep the longest number of hours, after all I am doing some work, ain’t I , im not just “lazing around”, eating, drinking, sleeping, all this is included in the life processes i.e, work!
And more over what is their problem if I’m not wasting any water by washing the dishes and instead using paper plates, or rather paper for plates(I’ll have to go out an buy the plates then naa…;)), and anyway I don’t like paper being wasted either, why not utilize it.
Oh these poor people!I guess they haven’t ever heard of William wordsworth. He is such a great poet and he “ALWAYS” loved the luxury of his vacant couch…..
And probably they also haven’t had the time to look around themselves and enjoy the beauty of the world! they surely mustn’t have watched those butterflies passing by, or the busy bees in their nests, or enjoyed a lazy sleep under a tree.AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! what bliss they’ve missed..and now they want me to miss it as well.
But I ask why? Why should I not waste my time(if it’s wasting time, as they call it).The Bible says: “ A man is given three scores and ten”, that is , seventy years of life!!!!!!!wow! and I’ve just crossed my teenage!so many more years to go, not even one-third life spent,and they want me to get started to build up a life, if I do that by the age of 25-30 like so many others, what am I supposed to do when I’m 45….i’d rather laze around NOW, and become a prime minister at 45..that’s wayyyy better than what these people suggest, i still will be able to be lazy..isn't it?
And here’s a “highly personal” poem, though people have often copied it, but I assure you, it’s originally written by ME,……..believe me!!!!!
People think I’m lazy,
But I don’t think I am,
I do my exercise daily,
See I breath everyday,
And I life one eye, and
Then the other,
When you call out my name,
And close them again,
Ohhhhhh !that was hard work!
So when people call me lazy,
I don’t understand why?

See, I’ve done such hard work, I’ve even composed a poem, now "the hardworking people" can sing it whenever they feel, that I’m being lazy…ok. And now don’t disturb me, i'm wayyyyyyyyyy toooooo tireddddddddddd after blogging about all this! and I realllyyyyy need to sleep before you start hearing me snoooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2004


what a day was yesterday, first i miss my point for my university, though i run hard to get it, then the bus i find is full to the brim, and so i have to stand in a jam packed space, and drop my college i.d., in trying to pick it up, i drop the money(my hands are full fo books and i am carrying a 5 kg bag full of books too, it's actually 5 kg, i weighed it later on). in the 30 mins drive to my coll., my shoulder are paining like hell.then, when i get off the bus, i have to cross this very busy road, and as soon as i start to do so, the signal goes green, and i nearly escape an accident...
finally i'm in college somehow safe, but in a very bad shape.i go for my class, and what's this, therez a note posted on the board, my test has been cancelled......i'm starting to wonder what's next.well i get to know soon what it is, some students from a senior batch come into our class from pscychiatry ward, trying to find out the frquency of suicides in medical students, and they call out my roll no., amongst others to fill out the do i look like the type who would ever want to do scuh a thing..anyway, i start to read it and it contains the stupidest questions i've known.fill it somehow, with my friend's help, and am found not to have any thoughts of committing suicide atleast while i'm at coll. the first good thing i've heard sicne the morn.
my classes are over so i want to go home, made the mistake of taking a bus again.this one gets punctured on its way, have to take another, which is total girls' bus, and its stops at an intermediate college gate to pick up all college it's so full i can't get out.then i have to walk a long way to get home.had a bad time waiting for me at home too.did things i shouldn't have and ended up feeling utterly vexed with i want to sleep, but know i have to make that 1:00a.m., finally i get a chance to go to bed, but being so tired, and so upset, i can't sleep...but it's morning soon, and yes this is a new day, a fresh start, and i try making things right for myself, get some sleep too during the day, and i believe it's ending on a fine note too.Thank you Allah, for taking me through that hazardous and tiring day and relaxing me after it.
CONCLUSION:"every new morning brings a new opportunity, grab it, and get along with your life, as fresh as ever"